Hollywood Waxing

The Great Do’s & Dont’s

Always prepare for your wax as it’s essential in easy hair removal and it’s a lot less painful!

Exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells & moisturise frequently.

Never shave between waxes as this spoils all our hard work and makes the hair snap and the hair much tougher.

Never moisturise the day of the wax, the hair struggles to come out.

Ibuprofen can help relax you muscles and can be taken an hour before treatment.

The day of treatment

You will be left to get changed in the treatment room where you will be provided with a towel, paper knickers and baby wipes, if needing to freshen up!

You will be asked to get yourself undressed and get yourself ready and relaxed on the bed. Once changed I’ll come in and start.

I use 3 types of wax: hard wax, cream wax & the roller wax. All used for different things but have the same outcome.

The whole procedure takes between 15 minutes to half an hour dependant on hair type.

Once we finish the whole wax I’ll clean you down with a cooling cream to cleanse the skin and keeps it cool.

Things to expect after

It’s absolutely normal for your skin to go red/blotchy and for the tougher hair it’s expected to see a little blood. This is normal practice and we would expect it to stop not long after.

You might feel a little tender after a wax but the symptoms will wear off within a couple of hours.

Bring loose fitting clothing after a wax as jeans and tight fitting clothes can cause ingrowing hairs and chafing.

Avoid bathing in hot water until the next day and the gym is a no no!!! Some people go on their normal day and it does not effect them, this is more common the first couple of visits.

The procedure can be a little painful and you may feel a little discomfort but it’s short lived and soon over with.

Think of the end results when it’s hair free looking fresh and lasts a good 4-5 weeks until your next visit. No more shaving every other day and no more painful ingrowing hairs!